Geoffrey C. Pullen BDS DDS

Trained at Kings College Hospital and the University of Southern California School of Dentistry, Geoff has lived and practiced in Central London since 1981. He has lectured on the use of dental implants and treatment planning to dentists in the UK, Europe, Russia, the US and India. He has demonstrated both the restorative and surgical phase of dental implants to hundreds of dentists in his practice. He is a member of the Association of Dental Implantology, the American Dental Society of Europe and is a Past President of the American Dental Society of London.

He treats patients close to his home at :

Connaught Village Dentistry
48, Connaught Street
London W2 2AA
Tel 0207 706 1264

Here are some examples of some of the dentistry Geoff has done and continues to provide. Cleanliness and strength is the key to successful dentistry. Short dental implants work really well and can simplify treatment.

dental implant

Above: The middle tooth is a crown on a dental implant.

two crowns

Above: Two crowns. Gold at the back for ultimate strength and porcelain in the more aesthetic area.

an implant and crown after twelve years

Above: The middle tooth. An implant and crown after twelve years.

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